An aerial view of the western entrance to the bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址 campus


bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址的 main campus sits at the center of Davis in Northern California’s central valley. Davis is a vibrant college town of about 68,000 people with a student-friendly downtown right across the street from the university. bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址, the region’s only academic health center, is on our 萨克拉门托 campus only 20 minutes from Davis. World-class destinations such as the 旧金山 Bay Area, 太浩湖 和 the Napa Valley are within a two-hour drive.



bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址 is centrally located in Northern California. We’re a day trip away from some of the most beautiful places in the world.


A view of one of the residential quads at bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址


bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址的 5,300-acre campus borders the town of Davis.

aerial view of bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址 medical center


bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址的 major academic health center is located in 萨克拉门托.




bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址 is in Northern California, 和 we have 位置 from the coast to the mountains.

A snowboarder sends it off of a mountain peak


bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址 is a special place full of traditions 和 amazing programs.

Two people riding penny farthing bicycles through Davis

Getting to main campus 或者是 health center


The nearest airport to the main campus 和 the health center is the 萨克拉门托 International Airport, about a 20-minute trip for each. You can use public transportation to get to 和 from both places.

Once on campus, buses 和 shuttles can get you to where you want to go. The health system operates the on-site 医疗穿梭服务 和 the Davis campus is served by 当地公共汽车系统 Unitrans,终端在 纪念联盟筒仓.


A valid bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址 permit is required to park on campus. bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址使用 ParkMobile, an app that allows drivers to conduct parking permit transactions from their mobile devices. bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址每日房价 2美元起.00-3.40, for students, staff 和 faculty to $10/day for visitors. If you are visiting campus after 5pm, the rate is $1.50/hr.

如果你要来 bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址欢迎中心, the closest parking can be found in or near the Gateway Structure on Old Davis Road在bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址出口附近.

使用 the Davis campus interactive map 或者是 bb电子糖果派对棋牌网址 parking 位置 map to find other visitor parking 位置.